Teacher Tawnya Love’s At Home Wellness Specials

January 29, 2017 0 Comments

IMG_20170115_140747Give yourself or your Beloved the gift of Peace and Relaxation with one of Tawnya Loves Aromatherapy Healing Touch Massages

Add The healing frequencies of Tuning forks and Reiki.

Cost for one session$75 plus gratuity these sessions are a little over an hour.

Gift certificates are available for special holidays, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day

Pre Purchase 5 Sessions at $65 per session plus gratuity

Pre Purchase 10 Sessions at $55 per session plus gratuity

You may use these throughout the year or gift to Loved one’s!


“I felt so Amazing after meeting with Tawnya Love for an Aromatherapy Healing Touch Massage, Reiki and Tuning Fork session. During the session I felt so relaxed, and afterwards I felt so renewed.

All the heaviness is Gone! My body and mind are lighter. Today I woke up with boundless amounts of energy and a positive outlook. If you have not had a session with Tawnya Love before, You should definitely have a session with her!” ~Sabrina Stephens

Tawnya Love also has specials for energy healing sessions in person or remote please contact her for information at: tawnyaangel@gmail.com or view her services at: TawnyaAngel555.com


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