I Love Kombucha and Here is Why…

February 21, 2017 Comments Off on I Love Kombucha and Here is Why…

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast.  It is easy to make and delicious!

Here is a list of healing properties from drinking kombucha (list provided by Kombucha Kamp):

•Probiotics – healthy bacteria

•Alkalize the body – balances internal pH

•Detoxify the liver – happy liver = happy mood

•Increase metabolism – rev your internal engine

•Improve digestion – keep your system moving

•Rebuild connective tissue – helps with arthritis, gout, asthma, rheumatism

•Cancer prevention

•Alleviate constipation

•Boost energy – helps with chronic fatigue

•Reduce blood pressure

•Relieve headaches & migraines

•Reduce kidney stones

•High in antioxidants – destroy free-radicals that cause cancer

•High in polyphenols

•Improve eyesight

•Heal excema – can be applied topically to soften the skin

•Prevent artheriosclerosis

•Speed healing of ulcers – kills h.pylori on contact

•Help clear up candida & yeast infections

•Aid healthy cell regeneration

•Reduce gray hair

•Lower glucose levels – prevents spiking from eating

Where to buy kombucha?

You can purchase kombucha at any grocery store and comes in a variety of flavors!  Just make sure you are buying organic.

How To Make Kombucha Tea

Kombucha is easy to make and is a beverage you can drink daily.  All it takes to make is the Scoby (acronym for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), 3 quarts of purified water, a cup of sugar (organic cane sugar is my favorite), and black or green tea (no flavored teas and no tea substitutes or decaf) and a gallon glass jar, a bit of cheese cloth or a tea towel and a rubber band to keep it on once the fermentation process begins.

Boil water, steep tea, add sugar and let cool.  Add the Scoby, and tea to glass jar and cover.

The sugar gets eaten up by the yeast, the tea feeds the bacteria in the symbiotic scoby, and once fermented properly, the natural molecules and microbes formed constituting the overall mixture is beneficial. Even if you have Candida or cancer which usually prohibits using sugar, this effect is handled by the scoby. The longer you let it ferment, the more tart it becomes so if you are worried about the sugar, just let it get almost to vinegar, then dilute it with water to make it palatable. Once fermented (about 7 – 31 days), remove the Scoby and some of the liquid and store for your next batch.  That’s it!  So simple and so delicious.  My favorite is to add fresh ginger and lemonade for extra zing.  You can play with it once you learn the basics.

Have fun and enjoy!

I keep a rotating batch as it’s great for the whole family!  We ALL love kombucha.

Purchase your organic starter Scoby from Home Brew Exchange in Portland (www.homebrewexchange.net) or maybe you have a friend who has some scoby to share 🙂

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